Dropbox plugin enhancements

Hi all,
working with a new installation we've got something like 200 books to add and for every book we need to associate one file per page (300 pages per documents on average).

I've been looking at Dropbox plugin to make it easier but there are two things that the plugin can't do as far as I know :
- allow to configure the plugin to not build the thumbs when adding files. If I want to add 300 files at a time with dropbox plugin it's very slow in part because of thumbs generation. I'd prefer just adding the original files on every book, and once, using the ImageResize plugin to build all thumbnails.
- be able to manage subdirectories in the Dropbox/files directory. The librarian managing the digital library won't have an ftp access to the server so I initially need to upload files before she can create records and add files. If I put all the 60 000 jpg in the files dir it won't be easy to manage.

Does someone know if any of these two functionalities are planned for the plugin or if I'd better try to create them ?

I don't know of anyone working on these kinds of enhancements, and they currently aren't in our plans at CHNM. So, if you use github forking from the code there and hacking away is probably your best bet.

Good luck!