Dropbox Error?

Hi everyone,

Quite out of the blue, I started getting this error:

"Please make the following dropbox directory writeable: "

anytime I edit or add an item to Omeka.

There is never any directory indicated in the message (nothing ever is indicated after the colon). The edits or new items save fine and the changes take effect with no problems. Nothing seems to be hampered by the error message, its just annoying. I was just wondering if anyone else ran into this and if there was a simple fix?


Your FTP program should allow you to right or control click on the Dropbox/files folder to access a menu where you can 'get info' on the folder and change the value of permissions to write - 755 or 777.

More here..

Oh, I missed that thread! Sorry for the repeat topic.

I'll give that a try and hopefully it will clear everything up.