Drop-down menus & nested pages


I have an "About" Simple Page. Then I create a second page, called "About2", which is nested under "About" ("About" is the parent page).

Why don't I see the "About2" page as a drop-down menu below "About"? Relevant checkboxes are checked.


The styling for the themes isn't really set up to display nested pages, and so getting the nested pages to display properly would require some sophisticated customization to the CSS for your theme.

If you want to try that, you can make the nested pages get to the screen by making the following change in application/views/scripts/functions.php

Around line 99, instead of

return public_nav_main($navArray);

change it to

return public_nav_main($navArray, 3);

The changes to the CSS for your theme will depend on the theme, and how you want to display it. I don't know of any examples of people getting something like this set up for any of the theme, unfortunately.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply. I was afraid this was the case. By the way, here is an Omeka implementation which I'm really jealous of!

http://africanamericanart.si.edu/intro (check the menus)

Keep up this great work, only discovered you last week but it seems I'll be around for some (very long) time...!

Greetings from Greece!