We switched from a Bluehost to a Dreamhost server account but when we installed Omeka, we ran into problems again and got the following PHP reading:

"I placed a phpinfo file in daytonstories and discovered that the PHP version is 4.4.8.


I've contacted Dreamhost about this but I thought I should report it to you as well.

Marjorie McLellan

This is the follow up from Dreamhost:
I've taken a look at http://www.daytonstories.org/phpinfo.php and saw PHP
4.4.8. However, you can upgrade to PHP 5.2.2 if desired by doing the

Access the control panel

Click on Domains>Manage Domains

Click on Edit on the right of daytonstories.org under Web Hosting

Click on the directional arrows on the right of PHP Version: in the Fully
Hosted section

I've made the PHP version change for you, but wanted to ensure that you
knew how to make the change in the future.

Thanks for the follow-up Marjorie. We've had great luck with Dreamhost so far, so I'm glad you were able to get running on PHP5.