Dreamhost mod_rewrite


I'd previously installed Omeka 1.0 on my Dreamhost server, but am running into an unexpected problem with Omeka 1.1.

After directly downloading Omeka to the server & unzipping, I am unable to get around a "mod_rewrite not enabled" error. I have confirmed that the .htaccess file is present in the new directory)

Dreamhost claims that mod_rewrite is enabled on all its servers, but runs as a CGI process that is not included in a phpinfo() response. (see http://is.gd/b7AOD)(here's the 1.0 checkModRewrite.html page for the 1.0 install on the same server - http://is.gd/b7BfB)

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Other than commenting out the mod_rewrite test in the install script, other solutions.

Richard Urban

Have you tried adding RewriteBase to your .htaccess files (both in the root and in the admin)?


I resolved this problem by taking a different approach to the setup on Dreamhost - I was creating these for a student exercise and wanted each install associated with a different Dreamhost user.

Solution: I created new subdomains for each of the student teams and mapped them to the Omeka directory. Everything went smoothly using this approach. (I don't know what I did before that made it not work, but this is now working)