I thought I'd post to let you know that the version of Omeka on Dreamhost's one click install is in need of updating. (It's still on 1.3 something). I'm having some trouble upgrading right now, so it would be great if the one click install were the current version.

Many thanks!

We have sent new versions to Dreamhost, but they have ignored our requests. We would really appreciate it if you could contact Dreamhost, as a customer, because we have had trouble getting them to listen to us.


Thanks for the quick reply! I sent Dreamhost a message advising that I had signed up with them because they support Omeka and expect to see an upgrade!

We apologize for the outdated install and delays. Sheila, can you please let me know where the requests were sent? I'd like to make sure we get to the bottom of things and see what may have been holding it up on our end. In the meantime, I've escalated the situation internally and our devs should begin testing in the near future.

-Ellice S
DreamHost Staff

Thank you Ellice for getting in touch with us.

We have been managing this through the My Applications interface, where we are supposed to upload new versions. The last one I added was for Omeka version 1.5.3.

I had been in touch with some other individuals who were looking into this for us at Dreamhost, but we haven't had any action from the developers.

Any help you can offer will be much appreciated.

Thank you,

And, I just received an email saying that 1.5.3 has been accepted. Thank you very much for your help.

By the end of this year we will be releasing a full point release, 2.0, and would really like to make it available to Dreamhost customers.


Hi Sheila!
I am another DreamHost rep just like Ellice (above).
I was actually wondering how you contacted our Dev Team and what was the type of response received? I would like to see 2.0 available to our customers as well by the end of the year! I just want to make sure everything regarding this is a smooth process for you! Thank you in advance for the feedback!

-Justin H
DreamHost Staff

Hi Justin,
Thanks for your response. In looking back at my saved communications from July 2012, we were told that updates wouldn't be made because Omeka most likely wasn't going to become an official one-click.

I'll contact you directly this week.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone as well. This is why I signed up for Dreamhost and even though, I had to redo my beta version of my site, I was able use csv importing after the update.

Hi. Other than CSVs, what other file formats can we work with?

The OAI-PMH Harvester plugin will let you bring in OAI-PMH XML files.