DowsViewer with % not with pixels

You can use CSS in your theme to make it responsive (then the plugin settings will basically set the minimum width). Something like this should do the job...

#docsviewer_viewer iframe {
    width: 100%;

For working example, see:

ebellempire do you mind if I ask you about this?

1. How do you avoid the df showing up twice? Is it something like what John mentions here:

2. When I played around with the pdf viewer I occasionally got google sign in issues. Do you have a way of avoiding that?

Here's the template I'm using for that page:

Basically, I used different methods for each file type. So I have a conditional statement for files using the Docs Viewer, then I get the images and streaming files using two different custom functions (defined in my custom.php file).

That's very good of you, thanks for sharing.

Fantastic! Thanks, the docs viewer is displaying perfectly on an iPad now.