Download Counter: Feature or Plugin?

I am not sure if this is the best location for this request, please repost/move elsewhere if appropriate.

Some members of our Omeka development team have asked for a download counter which would attach to each item's record, display conveniently and could be used to generate a download report for repository managers. Does such a thing exist out there? Is anyone else thinking of developing one? We do not have php/mysql script-writing skills at our institution unfortunately so no-one to ask here.
Thanks in advance

I haven't used it, but you may want to try the Download Logger plugin that was developed by the Scand company available in the plugin directory:

If you have questions about it, I recommend that you contact them directly:

Thanks Sheila,
Looks useful.
Wonder if it works with 1.5?

I was curious about it after I read your post, so I installed it on my development site. It does work with 1.5. It doesn't seem to have the exact same functionality that you were looking for, but it may be close enough. It doesn't provide a downloads counter, instead it lists the date and IP address for each download in the admin items show page.

Wow! 14 minutes
Thanks a lot.
That gives me the confidence to try it on our site, which is an evaluation one. The last time I broke it, it took three weeks to fix it so I am being careful (not Omeka's fault, local IT support issues)!
I'm not sure if my people want it "public" or for admins, guess I'll just have to find out.

If you want to limit it to displaying only to super admins, change the following code in Download Logger's plugin.php file:

function download_admin_append_to_items_show()
    echo download_display_download();


function download_admin_append_to_items_show()
	$current = Omeka_context::getInstance()->getCurrentUser();
		if ($current->role == 'super')
    echo download_display_download();

I've tried the Download Logger in Omeka 1.5.3 with php 5.2 and 5.3 and mysql 5.1.39. Always, the plug in makes Omeka give an error message when someone goes to download a file.

Is this plug in incompatible with Omeka 1.5.3? If anyone out there has it installed and can actually download files, then let me know. Otherwise I will go under the assumption that something in Omeka changed and the plug in is now outdated.

Problem solved: The Download Logger plugin assumes that when you installed Omeka initially, you did not change the database prefix in the db.ini file.

I didn't have a prefix for table names in my db.ini file.

When you install the Download Logger plugin, it makes a table called "(yourprefixhere)download". If you don't have a prefix in your db.ini file, then that table will be called simply "download".

Then, later, when the Download Logger goes to log a download, or pull your download information into the view for an item, it hard coded what the expected prefix is ( omeka_ ) and looks for a table called omeka_download .

You need to go into plugins/DownloadLogger/Download.php and delete the prefix omeka_ from each place it engages with the nonexistent omeka_download table. Check your db.ini in the root of your Omeka install, and if you have a prefix specified for databases, then add that in instead.

This appeared to fix the problem completely, and let me install and use the Download Logger plugin.