Domain Mapping Problem

I am domain mapping (domain masking) our website. It's on an outside server but I want the URL to appear to be on a Smithsonian server. The problem I'm encountering has to do with the PHP menu arrays. Interestingly, the primary navigation masks just fine. The problem occurs with the secondary navigation for each section of the site.

For example: in our Explore Art section I use this array for the secondary nav:

<?php echo nav(array('Introduction' => uri('explore'), 'Artworks'=>uri('artworks'), 'Artists' => uri('artists'), 'Timeline' => uri('timeline'), 'Collect' => uri('/myomeka/help'))); ?>

When you click on any of these menu items the URL changes to the "real" URL (without masking). Is there a way to mask this as well.

To see what I'm talking about, go to If you click on any of the primary nav tabs you get the masked domain. However, if you click on any of the left side secondary menu items you get the unmasked domain. Both the primary and the secondary navs use PHP arrays.

Any way of using an array for the secondary nav but masking it like the primary nav menu items?

Except that the last URL there for MyOmeka isn't working properly (you probably don't want that leading slash in '/myomeka/help'), those links all work fine for me.

Every one of them, on both the primary and secondary navs, goes to Am I misunderstanding your issue?

Hmmm, you think it's a cache issue? I used the Omeka cache cleaner but maybe it's my browser cache. Let me check...

Just tried it on another browser and you are right. Must have been my browser's cache. I see what you mean about the myomeka. Getting rid of the leading / did the trick. Thanks John!