Does deleting a collection also delete items in collection ?

Does deleting a collection also delete all of the items in that collection ? ( and if not, what happens to them ? )


The items won't be deleted when you delete a collection. What will happen is that all the items that were previously in that collection will now be in no collection.

How does one delete a Collection in 1.4.1? Have just upgraded and cannot find how to delete a collection. Thoughts?

Should be just the same way as before: there's a Delete button on the Edit Collection page.

The button is in a different place from 1.4 up; it's near the top of the page, across from the "Edit Collection #x" heading.

I should have spent another 30 seconds on it. Had to change themes and then a Delete Collection tab appeared. It didn't appear in the new Griddy theme.

Tx for the prod...


Changing your public theme shouldn't affect what you see on the admin side at all.