Does a method for collecting data from domain experts exist?

At Folkstreams, people trying out the Omeka administration side reported difficulty using the interface to create new item entries. The number of metadata elements presented to the user can be overwhelming. Many of the elements are unnecessary for our needs and there is confusion about where to enter information about a film. Where we might have a field titled Filmmaker, the standard metadata element for this might be Creator. The interface is oriented towards users who are familiar with metadata standards and who know where to enter data.

I suggested to our project director that one way to solve this problem would be to create a domain specific interface where non-technical people or domain experts could enter data into a form using their own language and terminology. For example, if we asked a filmmaker to enter information on their film, the form would ask for data in terms they understand, without needing to instruct them how to map their information into the standard metadata elements.

Has there been any work done on creating a plugin for Omeka that would allow administrators to create a series of forms for collecting information from domain experts and mapping it directly into metadata?