Am learning how the DocsViewer works within the framework of Omeka.

It has Google stamped on it when it loads. I have not found information that answers the following, hence the question...

When I view say a pdf in this Docs Viewer, is Google simultaneously foraging this pdf file, as in... is Google in a sense scanning and indexing the file simultaneously? Or, is Google just providing a Docs viewer because they are being nice guys?

I can't help but think the act of opening up a document means that Google is slurping data in simultaneously. Anyone have an opinion on this Docs Viewer?


Also, in working with it, does the Doc Viewer only work in administrative mode? It does not seem to present or activate in the Public side.

Am I missing something as I would like to see it active on the public side too.


You should read the Google Docs Viewer Terms of Service. In short, yes, Google does have the right to scan and index the document, but only "for the sole purpose of enabling Google to provide you with the Service in accordance with Google's privacy policy." Anyone who is uncomfortable with the TOS should not use the plugin.

The public themes that come with Omeka should automatically embed the Docs Viewer if you toggle on the "Embed viewer in public item show pages?" configuration. For themes without the public_append_to_items_show hook, you'll need to insert some code in the item show page. Follow the directions under "Configuration" here.



I will drill down into the "Public item show pages" Configuration. A reason it became a question is that this toggle is not available in the selected Theme. Had it been there, almost all of my question would have been answered.

I appreciate your taking the time to articulate this.

regards, david