DocsViewer capacity question

Has anyone hit a threshold on the size of files that can be viewed in DocsViewer? Or what size will bring users' browsers to a screeching halt, for that matter?

Part of the exhibit I'm working on contains images of title pages from pamphlets, so I'd like to make the full documents available, but a couple of them are pretty long (i.e. 60-odd pages).

I'm wondering if it might be a better idea to follow LFarrell's lead ( and use the Internet Archive's iframe viewer instead, since some of the documents are already in IA and the others easily could be.

The bigger load from the DocsViewer plugin happens the first time somebody uses the plugin to view the document, since that's when Google's servers need to pull the file.

The requirements and limits should be essentially the same as for Google Docs in general, which I believe handles fairly large documents gracefully.

Of course, if you do have the files already hosted on the Internet Archive, using their iframe-based reader may very well be a better choice.