DocsView error

Have just installed DocsViewer, but am getting the error "Apologies. There is no preview available". Any pointers where the problem may lie?

If you follow these directions to turn on error logging, you should be able to retrieve a specific error message:

This will make it easier to troubleshoot your problem.

Thanks, Sheepeeh. Looking like it is a problem at the Google end that has been happening since mid-Nov. A google search on the issue throws up a whole lot of complaints. Some indicate they've fixed the problem by tweaking the embed code; does this mean DocsViewer will need tweaking also?

Still having problems with this one. I've turned on error logging, but there are no errors relating to this issue.

Issue occurs in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari.

Have also confirmed that the PDFs I'm trying to review are publicly available in our Omeka installation.

Any suggestions???