Docs Viewer on Mobile Safari for iPad


I've noticed that the Document Viewer plugin doesn't render on the 1st gen. iPad (Mobile Safari, iOS 5), regardless of theme or file used.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be? Are others seeing this?

Annoyingly this problem cannot be replicated in the iOS Simulator (in XCode).

Hi Erin,

From doing some quick browsing on Google forums, it seems like this has been a problem with the Google Docs viewer on many mobile devices, for both iOS and Android.

The plugin created is pretty simple and just embeds the Docs viewer on the items show page, so we haven't manipulated or changed the viewer for Omeka specifically.

Thanks Sheila, I figured as much but just wanted to be sure. I'll assume then, since all the action happens on Google's side, it will fix itself - or not - depending on whether Google updates the embedded viewer.

Perhaps the problems was not fix yet, I am eventually trying to view my files from Google docs using android and seems the bug is still there. Just ended app removing the app and hopefully Google will get its attention to this or otherwise remove the apps instead. Can't figure out why not works even on Google's powered Android, much more on iOS.

James, designer/distributor of ipad 1 case

I think it's more of an issue with the doc itself rather than the mobile app. I don't think any real solution will be put in place, since it's the responsibility of websites now to ensure that everything they put online is mobile ready. Hope that helps.