Docs Viewer not installing

When I install the Docs Viewer 2.0 installation appears to be successful, but when viewing an item page whether in a collection or exhibit all that shows up is line, at the bottom of the page, such as the following "Viewing: bulletin_1968.pdf"
Here's the link as an example.

Using v.2.0.4 with the Deco theme. Image Viewer and the other plug-ins works fine except for Docs Viewer. I tried using the supplied themes but still can't get it to work. I've double checked the documentation and search the forums to no avail.

Also check the server permissions and they seem to be fine as well.

Any thoughts or ideas would be most helpful.

Thanks -

What browser are you using? I'm seeing the viewer okay in Firefox and Chrome

Thanks for the quick reply - I'm using Firefox 15.0.1. I also checked IE and it seems to be working in that browser. Zoom It works fine in IE as well.

So this is browser problem then?

Thanks -

I just tried it out in Firefox in PC --which can be wonky--and the viewer and the image loaded fine for me as well.

Ok, thanks - this must be a browser issue on my PC