Doc Viewer - Google alternative


I'm building an Omeka website and I have old multi-page letters (in PDF or standalone in JPG) that I would like to display like a book (similar to what they have on the for their books).

Is there any way I can do this without using the Google DocViewer? I'd like to have the files remain on my server.

Any ideas? are there any plugins that can help me do this? If not, is there any kind of code I can insert to create a page browsing experience?

Thank you

you should have a look at this plugin : . It has been developped by Julien Sicot from french university Rennes 2 and uses the internet archive viewer, available under GPL license ( ).

You can view it there for example :

I've used it in our local installation, to be opened at the end of the month, and it works fine.


How did you install the BookReader plugin? We are having difficulty finding the documentation to on how to actually install the plugin. Also, did you have to install iframe as well?

Been trying to get this plugin installed for several weeks and any assistance I can provide the IT department would be greatly appreciated!