Displaying mulitple input

In the Subject field in the Dublin Core set, I have multiple input. The following code displays only the first Subject input. How do you display the others? (I can have up to 5 Subject headings for each item.)

 <?php echo item('Dublin Core', 'Subject'); ?>

This is explained at the Omeka Codex page for the item helper, under the heading "Displaying All Values."

Basically, you can add a 'delimiter' option, which will return all the Subjects, separated by the text you specify. The following gives you a comma-separated list:

<?php echo item('Dublin Core', 'Subject', array('delimiter' => ', ')); ?>

Or, you can pass the 'all' option, which will return a PHP array of the Subjects, which you can deal with however you want.

Thanks, John. I missed that explanation big time.