Displaying image on item show page - please help!

This may seem like a mundane issue for you guys and perhaps it has been addressed, but I couldn't find similar posts. I have Omeka 2.0.1 running with the Seasons theme. On the item show pages, I would like to have a larger-size version of the image displayed in the center of the page, either under or above the "Dublin Core" header. However, the theme only displays a 100x100 thumbnail on the right.

Sample item show page:

Clicking on the thumbnail just loads the full-res image by itself, not what I need.

On some other Omeka sites, I see larger-sized images loading nicely in the center of page, so the visitor can browse through these items and actually see the full (resized) image on the page, as opposed to just a thumbnail!

I am guessing I need to add or tweak some custom code in one of the files, but don't know what and how to change. I would appreciate the exact code and where to put it. (for example, to display image resized to certain % of original).

You can just throw a call to files_for_item() in your theme's items/show.php.

You can pass options there to set the size of image that will be used:

<?php echo files_for_item(array('imageSize' => 'fullsize')); ?>

Putting that in the <div id="primary"> will put the files in the main part.

Thank you for clear and prompt reply, everything works as you said. Fabulous response, you guys...


I just upgraded the Seasons theme to 2.1, using "Night" style, and seeing a problem with displaying an image in the main body of the item page.

When I insert the code above into the item/show.php page, the image does begin to appear in the main item window, but it is about 100 pixels (estimating visually) larger than the frame of the item show page in the Seasons theme. So it extends onto the right pane with the thumbnail and other metadata.

(This was not a problem with the Berlin theme as that theme does not have a right panel, so the image size is appropriate for that theme, but not for the Seasons theme...I thought the "fullsize" function would somehow know how to resize the image on theme change, but seems like this isn't the case.)

I am wondering if it is possible to somehow resize the "fullsize" image for display purposes, so it stays within the boundaries of the main section of the page? I am not looking to save off a whole new set of resized images, just to rescale them on the fly for display purposes. Maybe reducing the "fullsize" image size by about 25% would do the trick, but I wanted your advice on what is the most efficient way to code that? (php zero skill level here)

Thank you,

I'm not seeing this problem on my install. Would you mind switching back to Seasons temporarily to demonstrate your issue?