Displaying File metadata

I would like to display the title along side each item file. Is there an easy way to do this? Something similar to item('Dublin Core', 'Title') In Omeka 0.9 I used $item->Files[0]->title


I have written a function using the following

while ($file = loop_files_for_item()):
    $table = get_db()->getTable('ElementText');
    $select = $table->getSelect();

    $select->where('ie.record_id = ?', $file->id);
    $select->where('ie.element_id = ?', 50);
    $select->where('ie.record_type_id = ?', 3);
    echo $table->fetchObject($select)->text;

It seems to work ok so far. Is there any inbuilt functions I could be using instead? Thanks