displaying File metadata too?

I see that I can add metadata to files which are attached to an item (in my case, mp3 audio files). But I don't see how to call up and display that information in the item show page. I know it's a php command I need to add to the show.php page. Can anyone tell me what string to insert, and where?

On my item show page, I have a small audio playbar for each file, but no way to distinguish them. My goal is to have a title, short description, and duration below each file on the item show page.


Thanks for the question tjhangen!

I posted some documentation on how to display item file metadata:


Let me know if that helps.

This still seems to only change how the item is displayed, not the files attached to an item. I can click over to the file itself to view its metadata, but I'd love to be able to see the title I've given each file in the item view. Help?