Displaying embedded videos

I'm embedding YouTube videos of oral histories, and I'm having trouble displaying the video at the top of the page. I currently have a screenshot of the interview uploaded for a thumbnail, and the video is embedded in the description. When the item is displayed, the screenshot is at the top, followed by the title and then the description/video.

Is there any way to do this without displaying the screenshot at the top? I know I can change the PHP, but is there a way to only alter this specific item type? We also want to continue to use Youtube, so uploading the video is not an option.

If you're up for editing the PHP, you can just check what the item type for the current item is, and only do your special handling for whatever item type you want to handle specially.

if (item('item type name') != 'Your Video Type'):
    // ... display thumbnails at the top

That's exactly what I needed. Thanks!