display_files_for_item question

Is there any way to make display_files_for_item link to the fullsize image instead of the original?
Currently, I have the following line in my show.php file:

<?php echo display_files_for_item(array('imageSize'=>'fullsize')); ?>

This creates an image that has been scaled down on the item page, that links to the a jpg in omeka/archive/files. I would prefer it link to omeka/archive/fullsize.

Here's the work around I came up with:

<?php if(item_fullsize()): ?>
<?php while(loop_files_for_item()):
   $file = get_current_file(); ?>
   <a href="<?php echo file_download_uri($file, 'fullsize'); ?> "rel="lightbox[gallery]"><img src="<?php echo file_download_uri($file, 'fullsize'); ?>"></a>
<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php else: ?>
   <?php echo display_files_for_item(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

It would be a lot easier if you could specify which derivative image file the display_files_for_item links to.

You can simplify you code a little bit, because display_files_for_item allows you to pass the link href:

<?php while (($file = loop_files_for_item()): ?>
<?php display_file($file, array(
    'imageSize' => 'fullsize',
    'linkAttributes' => array(
        'href' => file_display_uri($file, 'fullsize')))); ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>

You're correct, though. With the ability to choose the type of file to link to, you'd be able to do this in just one line.