Display recent exhibits on homepage


I'd like to display one or more recent exhibits on my homepage. I've adapted from the exhibit_builder_random_featured_exhibit() function to come up with the following, but it's throwing Zend errors when I try to grab the links:

//Returns Recent Exhibit for display on homepage
function deco_exhibit_builder_display_recent_exhibit($num=1)
    if (function_exists('exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit'))
    $html = '<div id="recent-exhibit">';
    $recentExhibit = get_db()->getTable('Exhibit')->findBy(array('recent'=>true), $num);
    $html .= '<h2>Recent Exhibits</h2>';

    if ($recentExhibit)
       $html .= '<h3>' . exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit($recentExhibit) . '</h3>';
       $html .= '<p>' . snippet($recentExhibit->description, 0, 500,exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit($recentExhibit, '<br/>...more')) . '</p>';

       $html .= '<p>You have no recent exhibits.</p>';
    $html .= '</div>';
    return $html;
} }

This is the error message:

Warning: urlencode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/content/30/4717730/html/omeka-dev/application/libraries/Zend/Controller/Router/Route.php on line 399

Once again, I've cross-posted to the Dev group, but figured I would add it here too in case other users are looking to do something similar. To view/respond, see: