Display owner name on admin/items page

Hi every body,

I would like add extra column on the items browse page (on Admin page) "Modified By", but I can only display the "owner_id", I want to display the user's name instead of the user_id or owner_id.

Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.

Thanks you so much for your help.


I got it.
This is how I solved my problem (please let me know if there is a better way of doing it ;) ).

I modified ~/admin/themed/default/items/browse.php,
to get the user name, I just get the user directly from the database for a given item->owner_Id:
$db = get_db();
$usr = $db->get_table('User')->find($owner_id)
$name = $usr['name']


I'm pretty sure you should be able to get the name with

metadata($item->getOwner(), 'name');

Keep in mind that by changing core files, your changes will be overwritten by updates to Omeka. It might be better to build a plugin that uses the admin_items_browse_detailed_each hook to add in the name.

Thanks Patrick, I'll try your suggestion ;)