Display issues involving the Omeka dashboard and the Omeka public site

So for the past month, I have put in a lot of time and effort in building my digital archive on Omeka.net. However, since a couple of days ago, I have experienced trouble in removing the "Recently Added Items" section from my homepage. I tried to do so by editing the items found in that section to no longer be featured items. I would like my homepage to only show the featured exhibits and the first paragraph of my "About The Archive" page. Also, I have already made some changes to my general settings on the dashboard, yet when I go on my public site, the changes aren't present. Are there any good suggestions for me to tackle this problem, and if I need to solve the problem by accessing my Theme API, where can I find the Theme API codex on my dashboard?

I'm not 100% certain, but I don't believe it's possible to turn off the Recently Added Items section in Omeka.net. Doing so requires editing the theme's index.php file, which you can only do with your own instance of Omeka.

That's right, it isn't currently possible to remove Recently Added items from the Net theme homepages.

For future reference, the documentation for using Omeka.net is available through the Omeka.net Help pages (http://info.omeka.net) and if you have questions you can send them to: http://info.omeka.net/contact.

Thanks for the advice regarding the Recently Added Items section. However, one question remains: the recent changes that I made to my homepage via the general settings on the dashboard are not visible on the public site. Instead, the features of my homepage that I originally made public a couple months ago are still present. Does anyone have any helpful advice on this matter?