Display element texts from the same element on one line

I'm trying to display all the name in my Creator field without line breaks between each person's name. So, I want Omeka to display Jones, Allen; Lee, Grace; Rosen, Mary, instead of
Jones, Allen
Lee, Grace
Rosen, Mary
There's no
in record-metadata.php, like there was in item-metadata.php, so where are the line breaks coming from?

I take it that these names are in separate Creator entries, not all in one textfield?

If they're separate, you can just call to metadata() with the delimiter option set to ';, and Omeka will combine the names like you're asking for.

Ah. Like this?
<?php echo metadata('item', array('Dublin Core', 'Creator'), array('delimiter' => '; ')); ?>

That should work, yes.

Does it?

Yes, it works great.