Display DC Fields option in Seasons 2.1 not working


In the most recent versions of Seasons (I'm running Omeka 2.0.2), the theme configuration option to control the "Display Dublin Core Fields" doesn't seem to be working for me.

No matter how few DC fields I list in the box (see screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/AaW5oZsr), the full defaul set of fields is displayed on the public Item Show view. I've cleared cache and tried several browsers, same result each time.

See example (with the screenshot DC Fields listed): http://www.colleengreene.com/bible-history/items/show/4

I know how to manually display only certain DC and Item Type fields on my public show view, but want to point this out in case other Seasons users experience the same problem.

NOTE: All of my plugins are temporarily disabled in case this was causing the issue.

That option just shouldn't be there: it's not connected to anything on the backend.

It was in the pre-2.0 versions and extremely helpful. Is this something that will be restored?

The intention with removing that theme-specific feature was to replace it with features a plugin could use to do the same thing (and more), but for any theme.

For example, I wrote the Hide Elements plugin for Omeka 2.0. It lets you pick elements to hide on the public side, much like the old theme settings from 1.x, but it also works for elements other than the Dublin Core, and lets you hide from the admin display and the input form as well.

Thanks, John.

I must have missed that plugin - I will definitely check it out.