Display an image into an item

Hello, I'm learning Omeka from the begining.
I am not sure how to define the element that would show an image of the item described. In my case, I am describing persons and would like that the item showed a photograph of this person.
Do I have to install ImageMagik in my server to do this?
If so, please, explain me little by little how to do this, I am not a computer expert, unfortunately :-(


You add images to Omeka items by adding them as files. We have a video tutorial about managing items, as well as some instructions in the documentation.

Take a look at those and let us know if they help answer your question.

Thanks, mebrett, for your reponse.
I've seen the tutorial. As far as I'm concerned, I can't define two kinds of item type metadata in only one item. In my case I'd like to describe persons because the elements such as bibliography, biography, date of birth and dead, etc. are essential in my collection. But I would like to introduce a new element as a still image (a person's photo). If I change this to image still, the rest of the elements of the other item type metadata (person) disappear.
Apologize for this poor explanation. English is not my first language.
Thanks for your patience.

That is correct - each item can only be one kind of item type. So you either have a person record with multiple portraits, or a photograph of a person.

However, the files you upload have their own metadata, which you could edit with the information you want to capture on that.

Or you could create multiple items with the still images and use the Item Relations plugin to link those portraits to the person.

What is your primary language? There are lots of Omeka users here whose first language is not English.

Oh; thanks mebrett! I see that I have meny things to learn ;)