Disabling header image - Berlin theme

Hi there,

I'm creating a site for someone who has requested that the header image does not appear on individual item view pages - is there any way to disable it?

I have found the theme_header_image() function in globals.php and am guessing that changes would either need to be made here or in items/show.php, but I am not familiar enough with php to know how to do this!

Any suggestions much appreciated.

The file you'll want to change is probably the theme's common/header.php file. Most themes have it, but if not follow this guide to add it.

Look for a line like this:

<?php echo theme_header_image(); ?>

And change it to

            $currentItem = get_current_record('item', false);
            if (! $currentItem) {
                echo theme_header_image();

Just like that! Thanks so much :)