Disabling Advanced Search


I am starting to customize my installation of Omeka however it is for a smaller project that only uses pictures with a couple metadata fields. This makes the Advanced Search feature redundant and I think it would be better for the user's experience to disable it entirely. Is there any easy way to do this?

In Omeka 2.0+, you can disable advanced search by going into the header.php file of your theme and looking for

<?php echo search_form(); ?>

and changing it to

<?php echo search_form(array('show_advanced' => false)); ?>

In earlier versions of Omeka, go into the header.php file and delete the line

<?php echo link_to_advanced_search(); ?>

Thank you! It worked perfectly. Is there a similar change to disable the advanced search in the Browse Items' Search?

For that, you have to edit the array passed to public_nav_items() in items/browse.php, items/tags.php.

Look for

<?php echo public_nav_items(); ?>

and replace it with this block:

$itemsNavArray = array(
        'label' =>__('Browse All'),
        'uri' => url('items/browse'),
if (total_records('Tag')) {
    $itemsNavArray[] = array(
        'label' => __('Browse by Tag'),
        'uri' => url('items/tags')

<?php echo public_nav_items($itemsNavArray); ?>

Thank you, that worked as well. I think I would actually like to retain the Search function on the Item's browse page but just edit the fields that are shown, i.e. get rid of entries like "range". Do you know where I can actually edit the array $itemsNavArray?

I have been searching through the files all morning but I cannot seem to find it.

You can find the default view for the items' advanced search form within your Omeka installation in application/views/scripts/items/search-form.php. Copy that file into the items directory of your theme, then modify accordingly.

Thank you! I do not know how I missed that, especially since I feel like I checked that file first...