Disable scrolling on Neatline map

Is there a way to disable scrolling via mouse wheel on a Neatline map?

Hi hcgriggs, there is no way within Neatline to disable the mouse wheel zoom, which is on by default in the library we use for the map.

Hm... Is there a way, then, to make the scroll wheel less sensitive? When I scroll in my exhibit it zooms really far in and out with the slightest touch and makes it less user-friendly.

Unfortunately, we don't have a built in way to reduce scroll wheel sensitivity in Neatline. There are options in Open Layers for this, I think. However, we're currently determining whether to upgrade to Open Layers 3 or switch to a different mapping library. This is the type of thing that we would take a stronger look at as we work through the issues in upgrading or changing mapping libraries.

For your own personal use, you should be able to adjust the scroll wheel sensitivity of your mouse in your system settings.