Digitizing our Museum Collection

I'm drafting a proposal to use to create an accessible digital record of artifacts in our museum collection which is currently in storage. Our archivist is already using Omeka for photographs, documents, and audio files, and it looks like it fits my vision for this project.
I have about 4000 artifacts in storage and I am wanting to attach multiple photos to each record so that the museum collection can be browsed online. (There is no current plan for providing it with display space.)
Has anyone else done this kind of project? I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has done this kind of work before not simply because I'm unfamiliar with Omeka, but also because I'm really just an amateur historian trying to act like a curator!

Take a look at the Sites Built by Omeka list, available in the Documentation, which contains many different examples of museums and libraries using Omeka to display many different types of sources using multiple files: http://omeka.org/codex/Sites_Using_Omeka