Digital Specifications

Are there plans to add "digital specifications" to the list dublin core elements in Omeka? Currently, it looks like we can either add this field by editing the php file or by creating a custom field for a specific item type. I've looked at other Omeka sites but haven't seen technical information entered consistently. And, without a digital specification field, I'm not sure of the best way to proceed. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

If something isn't in the Dublin Core spec, it probably shouldn't go among the DC fields. The easiest way to add something like this is probably the custom field for an item type. Or, a simple plugin could create a new element set that could include that kind of additional info.

Thanks, patrickmj. I'm new to Dublin Core, so I really appreciate the feedback. We were basing the inclusion of the element on the CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices:

However, after reading your response and reviewing the CDP document again, I'm thinking that perhaps we shouldn't include it.

Ooh! thanks for the link!

Clearly enough, I haven't read through the document yet, but I'll be interested to see what it might mean for Omeka, and whether we should think about ways to incorporate parts of it.