Different MIME types and file ingest process on Omeka.net?

Good morning, everybody,

My institution just purchased the 1 GB Omeka.net plan. So far, we've uploaded some photos and we're eager to add more! Today, though, we're having a little trouble uploading video files. I started with a 3.5 MB MOV file. When I tried the upload, I received this error.

"File Upload: The file 'DSCN2771.MOV' could not be ingested because it has a disallowed MIME type (application/octet-stream; charset=binary)"

When I checked the list of accepted file extensions, MOV was considered an acceptable format.

I checked the message boards, and it looks like if we had access to the security settings tab, we'd be able to solve this problem in one click.

I also tried AVI and MPEG files to no avail, so I'm wondering if we'll be able to upload audio or video at all. Any ideas as to how I can resolve this issue? Is there a difference in the files Omeka.net accepts?

Thanks so much!


That security option isn't available for Omeka.net users.

We are looking into the problem and will let you know what we discover.

Had the same problem and added “application/octet-stream” to the list of allowed file types under security settings which solved the problem.