Developer Needed for Omeka/Scripto + Wordpress Newman website archive

Please follow the link below to see all the project details.

Please contact me ASAP we need to get this project started and finished.

Here is the full description in case you didn't want to follow the link:

Creating a Omeka Website for Newman Institute

The Newman Institute is looking for someone to create a Omeka/Wiki website for their digital archive. Here is the current progress we have to date:

U: newman
P: newman

Here is a breakdown of each “section” we need to have done

Header and Footer needs to pull header and footer from Wordpress website: so that when changes are made they reflect on the Omeka site

Search Results
Results Screen: When someone does a search we want three different options for them to review their results.
Brief View
Table View
Full View
Search results should show if someone were to search letter or letters (proper truncation)

Individual Items
Content will be on left with dividing lines
Images on right with a zoom in and out option

Browse Collections
We want all collections to be inline separated by a comma. With the following Sub-sections.
Browse by box
Browse by Title
Browse by Author
Browse by transcribed manuscripts
Browse by keyword (MJD NOTE: we can select a list of common keywords to place here)

Advanced Search
With the following fields
Drop-down menus that they can use to narrow the search:
Search by Title Word
Search by Author
Search by Year
Search by Metadata Only

Please follow the link below to see all the project details and active links.

Contact meesha at redtreewd dot com put “OMEKA DESIGNER” in subject line.

Hi, This is something we have expertise in and would love to collaborate on. Where can I reach out to you for details?


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