Developer Needed for Baltimore Uprising 2015 Project

We would like to talk to a web developer(s) for potential work on the Baltimore Uprising 2015 site. We are seeking a partner who can not only create the desired plugins, but provide creative input based on previous experience with Omeka based sites.

This archive is:

"Preserve the Baltimore Uprising is a digital repository that seeks to preserve and make accessible original content that was captured and created by individual community members, grassroots organizations, and witnesses to the protests that followed the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015. Gray died from injuries sustained while in police custody in Baltimore, Maryland. A freely available resource for students, scholars, teachers, and the greater community, Preserve the Baltimore Uprising seeks to ensure that the historical record of these events will include diverse perspectives from people whose lives have been directly impacted by the complex events surrounding the conflicts in Baltimore.

People are invited to contribute original digital content, including photographs, video, audio, and stories related to memorials, community meetings, rallies, and protests occurring in Baltimore and the surrounding Baltimore County and City neighborhoods. Contributed content is publicly available and is subject to an evaluation process. Materials containing unrelated or offensive content will not be accepted. Some materials that are relevant to the collection may be marked as private and made available only to researchers, including materials containing content that could be incriminating.

Preserve the Baltimore Uprising is a collaborative project of the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore-area university faculty members, museums, and community organizations." -quoted from About page

We use the contribution plugin to gather stories, interviews, images, and videos from contributors

We seek a designer to:
1. develop an appropriate, neat, user friendly theme
2. improve the appearance and usability of the site, especially the contribution feature
3. customize exhibit and features

If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested, please contact us at

We are working on a potential grant to fund the improvement and development of the site. At this time, we are seeking a discussion not a commitment.

Hi, We have a highly experienced team of developers. Will you consider working with a remote team?


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