Delete individual elements (NOT set)

I am trying to clean up my 'elements'. The ones that came with Omeka I do not use. I am trying to find a way to delete individual elements.

Element "death date", I will never use and would like to remove it from the list of selectable elements. How do I do this? I was searching and find things on element sets and databases, but is there a step by step for this process?


You're talking about removing Item Type elements?

I'll move this to Feature Requests, because we don't currently have a way to do this from the interface.

We're currently thinking about ways to handle hiding Elements from various parts of the interface, and this could include the Item Type section (and the advanced search element dropdown), but simply being able to remove elements there might make more sense.

I'd like to be able to do this as well. I created some test elements for a new item type and then realized there was no (?) way to delete them.

Following up from the above, also helpful would be be a way to edit the element titles and descriptions without having to delete them.

I just realized that it is possible to edit or delete elements! It's in Settings/Item Type Elements.