Definition List tags vs. H2 tags

I was wondering.... As I am working with Omeka and styling it, it seems to me that the metadata would be cleaner and better structured wtih Definition List tags rather than h2 tags both from styling and accessibility standpoints.

<b>H2 Heading tag:</b>

<div id="publisher" class="field">
<div class="field-value"><p>Minnesota Historical Society</p></div>

<b>Definition List tag:</b>

<dd id="publisher" class="field">
<dl>Minnesota Historical Society</dl>

What are others thoughts on this?

Hi myotus,

While I think using a definition list is OK in this instance, I'm not sure that it would really be "cleaner." I personally am reluctant to use definition lists except for 1) acutally definiting terms, or 2) marking up dialogue or conversation. This follows the W3C's recommentation. Regardless, you could mark up the items/show page with definition lists and style accordingly, and it would work fine.