Default public home page

I just installed Omeka 1.1

For my public home page (, I've got an un-styled page that looks nothing like the nice My site start page that I see in the installing Omeka screen cast. Did I do something wrong in installation? Is there an easy way to a home page that offers navigation and utilizes the templates that my underlying pages do, e.g. ? Any help appreciated.



It looks like your homepage, is somehow pointing using the html from the

Did you accidently overwrite your index.php page in your current theme folder?

Did you download the files from

Have you tried redownloading and reinstalling Omeka?

I'm not sure how it happened, but I had an index.html file in my Omeka root directory that appears to have been a copy of your downloads page. I was able to pull in the appropriate home page for the default theme by simply renaming the index.html in the root directory. Guess I'll go ahead and delete it. Not sure how it got there ...

No problem. I'm glad it works now.