default display in alpha order

I am looking for a way to make the default display alphabetical (rather than by import date) when looking at items in both "browse items" and "browse collections".

Have you seen this page on Sorting Results?

Thanks Sheila, I've passed the info on to my IT buddy-hopefully it will work!

Hi Sheila,

I've heard back from my IT buddy, and he had some questions: is there any plan to develop a plug-in or make this a menu option for admins? He's concerned that as we upgrade to new versions of Omeka, we'll have to go back in and re-do all these small code changes that we've done to "personalize" the site. Is there not much demand for alpha order sorting from Omeka users?

Thanks for your input, I appreciate you taking the time to help a new-comer!

There was definitely demand for the sorting on the admin side, which is why it is in place there. As for the public-facing side of the archive, there are many different users with different needs, but it is something you can implement.

You shouldn't have to redo these changes since you are making them in the theme which will make it easier for upgrading. Generally you will copy the theme before you upgrade and then move it over into the new installation so that all of the files you've edited will be available in the upgraded version of Omeka.

Hi Sheila,
With your additional description, our IT folks think this will be do-able, thanks! Once I can figure out how to get my images to display in relation to items, we can finalize our theme choice and test out this alpha-sort method.

Thanks again,

Can someone be more specific about which pages need to modify and where they live on the site? I edited my index.php inside my chosen theme and sorting didn't happen. Thank you so much!

If you look at the page on sorting results,
you'll see that you can modify the items/browse.php and the collections/browse.php pages.

If you are in a theme that does not contain its own items/browse.php and collections/browse.php files, you can copy those files from /application/views/scripts/ into your theme.

Create a directory in your theme (themes/namesofyourtheme/) named "items" and/or "collections" and then copy the appropriate browse.php files into their directories.