"Deco" theme: how to display PDF preview?

Hi folks,
I'm using the Deco theme for a heritage archive. We mainly collect old photographs, but we do grab the odd record and journal too. That means text, which of course means PDFs. The trouble I'm having is in getting a PDF preview to display on the item/show page. If you follow this link, you'll see that nothing displays on the item page, so the only way to read the full PDF is to click on the "file link" on the right. http://archives.saturnaheritage.ca/items/show/278

It doesn't look good without a PDF preview occupying the main column, and it's causing confusion for our less computer-savvy visitors.

How do I get a PDF preview to display? I should mention that the DocViewer plugin is not what I'm looking for. I should also mention that my php skills are quite bad.

Thanks for your help,

The DocsViewer plugin is really your best bet for displaying PDFs.

There are other options, of course, but they'd involve writing custom PHP and probably some Javascript.

Well, the problem I'm having with DocsViewer is that it displays before, rather than above, the Comments plugin, which gives the show page a pretty wonky look.

Oops, I meant "below, rather than above..."

Deco supports a custom placement of the embedded Docs Viewer. You need to choose that option in theme settings and disable the setting in Docs Viewer that includes it on the public page automatically. Let me know if you have issues. I created the Deco theme but haven't given it much attention lately.

@Dylans I see it worked for you how did you solve it?