Deco Theme Browse Items display issue in Chrome and Safari

I'm having trouble finding a decent fix to a display issue I'm only having in Chrome and Safari, but not in Firefox.

Under both "Browse Items" and "Browse Collections" Safari and Chrome aren't displaying the first item, but the rest of the items display fine.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about (from another site with the same theme, as mine is still on a localhost development):

Notably, that site does not seem to have an issue displaying the first item when a nav bar is included, as you can see on its "Browse Items" page:

I've traced the error to the #pagination-top id, and by adding a height declaration (i.e., 75px), I was able to get the content to display properly. My question is, what would be the non-hackery fix?

The problem seems to be a combination of the float:left on the navigation tabs and the fact that the page navigation div is empty.

Try this:

For #pagination-top, add a clear: both style.

That seems to get that top item to display while being less hacky.

That worked, thanks! I don't know why I didn't think of that.

Sorry about that. I updated the source

Still have some work to do on this theme, obviously. I may end up rewriting the CSS and some of the custom functions to be a bit more efficient.

@mattscott I see you've done some customizations; let me know if there are any specific features you need or found lacking.