DC Subjects at Collection Level

Is there a way to assign taxonomy terms at the collection level (and not just the item) level? We are hoping to float Omeka collections onto on web site's browse pages -- a subject-oriented view -- using a controlled vocabulary of subjects that matches the rest of our library site.

Currently Omeka does not support metadata elements for Collections (this includes the Dublin Core metadata).

We have some heavily work-in-progress code kicking around for adding Elements to Collections, but nothing that's ready for public consumption.

Thanks for the reply. Any sense of the timeline for when that code might find its way into a public release?

No timeline for if/when something like this would make it into the Omeka core. Right now it exists as an experiment to see about whether we could/should add Element Sets to other types of Omeka records (and not just Items). This is not on our roadmap, but if there's enough interest, or if there are folks interested in helping with the code, it could be.