"Date" metadata displayed as "Provenance"

I'm not sure if this was something created to ensure the accurate use of metadata, but I cannot enter incomplete date information for photographs. For example, in the item metadata fields within the "Still Image" item level there are the "Date" and "Provenance" fields. To update the metadata I entered the year of the image under date and nothing else. This should still be in keeping with ISO standard format. When I look at things from the administrative display it shows the proper information. Unfortunately, when I use the end-user display it does not display date and changes the information to "Provenance - [one month]."

Does anyone have a clue as to why it is doing this? Not all of my images have full dates and I don't want incorrect information to be displayed. Additionally, I don't want the date information displayed as "Provenance," because "Date" is all I need. Any help would be appreciated.

Provenance is incorrectly mapped on the public site of my install as well. Data in the Date field displays instead in Provenance (though it does display the correct date).

I briefly looked at the svn branch and I think the item.php file in both the themes has incorrectly duplicated Provenance as the label for the Date field.


That makes a lot of sense to me. I don't have access right now but will try and check out our install too. I appreciate the feedback. People are fast here. :)

Thanks for catching that. That's a typo that accidentally propagated to both of the themes bundled in Omeka. You can fix it by opening up the 'items/show.php' page in your theme and editing line 134 to say "Date" instead of "Provenance". The data is stored correctly, it's just not displayed correctly. I put up a note to fix it in the next release.