Data Entry Best Practice? Comma delimited vs separate fields, etc..


I am wondering about a few data entry best practices:

  1. For fields such as 'Subject' and 'Format' is it best to comma delimit values ("Trunk, Rosemaling, kiste" or "Wood, metal") or put them in separate inputs (use 'Add Input' to create separate input fields)?
  2. Is it best to include item dimensions in 'Description' ("Dimensions: Height, 8.0 inches Width, 13.25 inches Depth, 7.0 inches") or 'Format' (broken into three fields)?
  3. Is there a preferred way to specify dimensions ('8" x 13.25" x 7.0"' vs "Dimensions: Height, 8.0 inches Width, 13.25 inches Depth, 7.0 inches")?
  4. If your items don't have distinct titles (most simply named "trunk") is it best to have several identical titles or embed the Identifier in the title ("Trunk 1977.039.001)).
  5. Is it a good or a bad idea to use HTML in fields other than Description. (Title: "<h3>Trunk</h3>

Thanks in advance,

Faust Gertz


All good questions:

1. It's best to put them in separate inputs.

2. Use the Format element. See

3. There's no standard order for dimensions, though it's often width(x),height(y),depth(z). I recommend a format that is both human and machine readable. Just remain consistent.

4. It depends on how your site will be used. If it's vital that your users differentiate items by title, then embed a unique identifier. Keep in mind, however, that it's important to maintain the original title.

5. Though Omeka allows HTML in any field, it's normally not recommended since HTML may interfere with search results and cause unexpected formatting problems. Instead, inject the HTML directly into the theme files.