Customizing Omeka

We are using Omeka to manage our bibliographic ressources. We would like to customize Omeka for our use and we would need the following:

- Get the notices sorted by Creator by default.

- For the search options we only want to allow users to use creator, title. date, relation and type as parameters. We also nee to set the search to "contains" by default.

- Hide the tags from the browse page and display the title and creator.

- Hide the search for keywords box, search by type, public/nonpublic, featured/no featured in the item search page.

Is this possible?

I'm pretty sure most all of that would just be a matter of customizing the theme to make the changes. The only one that I'm not sure would be an easy theme customization is setting the default search to 'contains'. There's an introduction to customizing themes in our documentation

Hi patrick,

I was able to do many changes but still need to get the notice sorted by creator by default in the browse page and customizing the default search. Any tip to make this happen?

I also wanted to disable the tags browse and hide the link to it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tags browse disabled by modifying globals.php under libraries folder.

Does anyone know how to:

1- Get the items sorted by Creator by default in the show page

2- Set the advanced search. Allow users only to choose (Title, Creator, Editor, Date) as fields. and make 'Creator' and 'Contains' as default values.