Customizing Geolocation plugin display on Contribution page

Hi--I'm using the Geolocation plugin to add map functionality to the Contribution plugin.

Is there anyway to customize the default phrase, "Find A Geographic Location For [TYPE]" that appears on top of the "Find By Address" box?

You can see what I mean here:

Select "Image" and take a peek above the map.

We're running Omeka 1.3.2 and the most current versions of both plugins.



In the geolocation directory, open the plugin.php file. There you will find the
function, geolocation_append_contribution_form
and you can edit the text 'Find a Geographic Location for'

function geolocation_append_contribution_form($contributionType)
    if (get_option('geolocation_add_map_to_contribution_form') == '1') {
        $html = '<div id="geolocation_contribution">'
              . geolocation_map_form(null, '500px', '410px', 'Find A Geographic Location For The ' . $contributionType->display_name . ':', false)
              . '</div>'
              . '<script type="text/javascript">'
              . 'jQuery("#contribution-type-form").bind("contribution-form-shown", function () {anOmekaMapForm.resize();});'
              . '</script>';
        echo $html;