Customizing Emiglio Exhibits

Here is my site:

If you browse exhibits and then click on the shopping center exhibit, then you see that the style is set into two "columns" (wasted right space). I think that this is the default for the entire emiglio style.

If you click on Landmark center, you see how I am losing that entire right space as not being used.
So, I'd like to elim that style set up just for exhibits. So that my exhibit uses the entire page for content. And if that can be done just for exhibits, that would be great.

In emiglio there are two style files, style.css and screen.css; I am not sure why there are two.
There are no styles in exhibit builder.

Any help on what to change/edit, would be appreciated.

The easiest thing to do would be to duplicate your Emiglio theme folder and rename it something like "emiglio_exhibits", then in that folder's theme.ini file change the title from "Emiglio" to "Emiglio_exhibits." Next open the style.css file and find the declaration find #primary and change the width declaration from 610px to auto.

Then, in the exhibit builder admin page, change the theme for your exhibit from "Emiglio" to "Emiglio_exhibits."

Sorry, you'd want to edit screen.css, not style.css. I was looking at a different version of Emiglio.

Thanks. The solution has added a new problem.
(1) Compare
with (an actual exhibit). For some reason, you will see that I lost part of my primary navigation.
I did not change anything else.

It appears that you're using Emiglio's custom head navigation, if that's the case just copy that information, then hit the configure button next to the theme dropdown in the exhibit's admin page and add the custom nav info there.

You can't do that. There is no place in the theme's admin page for custom nav info.
Now, I did go back into the themes, and selected emigli_exhibits. The I put in the custom nav info, saved, and then I reselected emiglio as my default theme. But that also did not fix the problem.