Customizing advanced search options

I know this has been discussed before and I have searched the forums, so I would just like a little advice on which is the best approach. I want to do 2 things - limit the options under advanced search AND relabel the DC fields so they are more user friendly. Should I follow this?

I am going to upgrade next month, but right now I'm still at 2.2.1
thanks robin

What you link to is from Omeka 1.5ish, so that's not going to help too much.

For limiting the options, that might be just customizing your theme's items/search.php page to remove the parts you don't want. See this for overriding default theme files.

For changing the DC fields, that sounds like a plugin that uses the elements_select_options filter. The array to filter is an array of elementId => elementName pairs, so you'd have to alter the names based on element id in the filter.

Thanks, Patrick, that helps me see what I need to do in terms of direction.
I think I'll start with customizing the theme as that is the easier part. I'd love to build some plugins for some of the things I would like to do, but my grant is winding down and a lot uncertainty about this project at the moment.

Ok, I resolved this. Since I am using Hidden Elements, I was able to resolve this fairly easily. I would really like to make a plugin, but not on my current project (not enough time left).